"Training takes a large toll on my body and it's always good to have a therapist like Manuel to get me through the tough weeks. He has helped me countless times get over shoulder, neck and back pains as well as help me prepare for important meets such as the 2012 FINA swimming World Cup in Singapore. Awesome massage therapist, I highly recommend you see him."

Ben Lindsey

Ben Lindsey

"I am a 32 year old elite lightweight rower. In 2012 I was diagnosed with 2 labral tears and several muscle tears in and around my right hip. This led to most of my right leg seizing up, causing significant pain and impaired performance. Training was becoming impossible and even walking was painful. I started seeing Manuel and, with his help, we relieved most of the symptoms and let me return to full training, plus an improved quality of life. Without the work that he did I probably wouldn’t have made it through the season, and certainly wouldn’t have achieved my best result so far of a 3rd place in the single scull at National Championships.

Since then I have continued seeing him for general maintenance and to continue the rehabilitation of my hip. I also show up occasionally with other injuries and twinges and he is always able to adapt to whatever I throw at him, quite often providing the required ‘magical cure’ when I hobble in the day before an important training session. Manuel is highly professional, friendly and always interested in what more can be done to improve my wellbeing and performance. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring remedial massage."

Helen O'Keefe

Lightweight Rower

"I was referred to Manuel by my physiotherapist after three years of pain and inflexibility of my right hip, following a complete hip replacement. Manuel assessed me and started a range of treatment which after a period of 8-10 weeks had completely changed my life. I now only require maintenance on average once every couple of months, I have an active life again. Prior to this treatment I had tried numerous things but nothing worked. I owe my pain free active life to Manuel. Thank you very much."

Mark Mayhew

"Manuel, Just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how great my sciatic is after your treatment. It’s literally completely settled down so thank you for that. Your hands are magic. All the Best"

Mal Emery

"I have been a client of Manuel Rodriguez for just under one year. I can't emphasise enough the importance that massage plays in my training. By receiving regular expert treatment from Manuel we have been able to identify areas of weakness that may be prone tightness as well as picking up any changes that may eventually prove problematic and treat them before they flare up.

With my step up to Ultra marathons, the gruelling training you put your body under when running 170km+ weekly, has meant that my maintenance has become critical. Not only has Manuel assisted me to compete all training sessions but has kept my performance levels high.

Thank you Manuel and Better Balance Massage."

Tina Major

2014 Comrades Ultra marathon
2014 Canberra 50km Ultra Marathon Winner
2014 40 miler Winner
2013 6th Place at Kobe Marathon Japan (2 hrs 50 mins)
2012 & 2013 WA State Female Champion